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Individual Dental & Vision Insurance

Dental & Vision Insurance

Extra Coverage Beyond Your Health Insurance

Many employer health insurance policies today do not cover dental or vision care. Or you may work for yourself and have no employer-provided health insurance. However, you don’t give up taking care of your teeth and your eyes just because your health insurance doesn’t cover it.

You can purchase your own dental and vision insurance coverage separately at a reasonable cost. These policies offer coverage for just one person or for your entire family, depending on what you need.

What Dental and Vision Insurance Covers

Privately purchased dental and vision plans are similar to other policies for this type of care. Coverage typically includes:

  • Dental cleanings
  • Dental exams
  • Eye exams
  • Free or discounted lenses
  • Discounted eyeglass frames
  • Free or discounted corrective eye surgeries

Taking care of your teeth and your eyes can ward off more expensive health issues in the future. For example, good preventive dental care reduces the risk of gum disease and the need for dentures as you age. Eye care can help prevent headaches and fatigue, particularly if you sit in front of a computer screen all day, whether for work or for school.

Independent Agents Have Many More Options for You

When you work with independent insurance agents, like the ones at Escueta Insurance Services, you get the benefit of a larger menu of insurance options than you won't find elsewhere. We also provide outstanding personalized service for our clients in Burbank, CA and the San Fernando Valley area. This lets us tailor every policy to the client’s unique needs, so you get the coverage you need within your budget.

Call us today at 818-840-8010 to learn more about your choices for dental and vision insurance. Or you can simply reach out online and start a quote now.