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Cyber Terrorism Insurance

Cyber Terrorism Insurance

Protect Your Business from Cyber Crime

No matter what size business you own, from a solo enterprise to a large corporation, you no doubt use the internet as part of your standard operation. You don’t have to be an online-only business to be at risk from cyber crime. Any company with an online presence leaves themselves open to cyber terrorism and other similar liabilities.

This is why we recommend cyber terrorism insurance for our business clients in Burbank, CA and the San Fernando Valley. You can protect all the hard work and money you’ve invested in your business from loss of income and liability lawsuits. Without this insurance, a data breach or employee error could cost so much that you’d have to shutter your business, leaving you and the employees who depend on you without livelihoods.

There Are Many Types of Cyber Terrorism and Online Theft

When most business owners think of cyber terrorism, they think of international hacking threats or large-scale ransomware. While these are definitely risks to many companies, there are other types of cyber crime and online theft waiting to derail your business:

  • Phishing attempts
  • Embedded malware
  • Social media scams
  • Client and employee identity theft
  • Embezzlement
  • Payroll hijacking

These types of online crimes can leave you on the hook for thousands or even millions. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that only large companies are at risk. Small businesses are in fact the largest target because they typically have the least protection against cyber crime.

Cyber terrorism insurance covers you for these issues and can even cover problems like loss of income due to internet service disruption or loss of data due to disasters outside your control.

Ask us about policies that offer both first-party coverage and third-party coverage. The former protects you and your business. The latter covers your customers, who are equally vulnerable to cyber crime and internet failures. You don’t want a cyber attack to result in lawsuits and bad PR for your business.

Our Independent Agents Will Tailor Cyber Protection Just for You

Every business is unique in its mission and how it uses the internet. Working with an independent agent, like Escueta Insurance Services, lets you get a customized policy for your one-of-a-kind needs. You will enjoy our personalized service and attention to detail so you’re not left with gaps in your coverage.

Call us today at 818-840-8010 for more information about cyber terrorism insurance, or use our website to start a quote online now. Don’t let your business fall victim to online crimes. Reach out before disaster strikes.